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SnailDOS isn't a tech service, we are a team, a team of talented users that create the future. Rule one, clients evolve? SnailDOS evolves along side. SnailDOS is privacy based, meaning your data, is, always and will, be encrypted with top encryption possible. What do we do? Scroll down...


That you can use...


SnailFM is a free online based radio station that streames noncopyright music, that artists gave legal permission for us to use. SnailFM has it's own Mobile App and a Desktop Application.



StreamBop is based on the SnailFM radio station, it's a new software that automatically credits song names, with custom UI to add to your stream, mixer and auto updates. Check our website for more.


Fifo Browser

Fifo Browser is a browser based on modern technologies. It's based on the chromium rendering engine, meaning all your favourite sites will work just like they used to! With privacy in key, Fifo doesn't track any data, the only time it does something without you giving it permission is to update it's self. Fifo is a modern based browser with UI sleek, a easy setup and migration for people who just started and more...



SnailCloud is a privacy based cloud storage. You get 5GB free storage with encrypted file uploads. SnailCloud has the best applications that users can use inside the app to power there day, with Todolists, Passwords managers and more.


Creatable Host

Creatable Host, is the most secure and fast hosting services for discord bots, Lavalink, Vscode in browser, HasteBin servers and more. The best cheap, and affordable hosting ever seen yet, and we have been running for 2 years...


Message Backup Bot

Message Backup Bot is a discord bot that allows backing up and restoring messages. This can be helpful with raides, copying rules, archiving and more. Of course, once again, It's security based meaning we collect MINIMAL data and all data including messages is heavily encrypted.



SnailPortal, AKA, Bubble ID, is a single sign on service provided by SnailDOS, This portal website allows managment of all SnailDOS services and more.


SnailDOS App

SnailDOS App allows intergration of all SnailDOS services on mobile, and PC. Easily download the app, manage your servers easily, and simply with the app.


About Us

SnailDOS is located in Australia with a team of staff around the world. We're heavily privacy orientated and do tons of different services. .

Our services don't EOL unless there is a 6 month notice, most of our services have been running for more then one year without trouble. We're powering thousands of individuals every single day, who knows, maybe you will be next?.

We're powering imagination, but with privacy. We're using military grade encryption with lots more comming..

What's next?

We don't know! We're evolving so fast and taking most feedback from our users into consideration, we're working hard to make sure you get the best experience possible. So, who knows!